Have you heard of Ethicspoint?

By emma Stevens, Staff Writer

Xavier has a widely unknown web-based hotline called EthicsPoint. 

Run by the Office of Audit and Risk Management, the program is meant to allow students to anonymously report ethics violations or instances of bias. However, the use of this program is not widely promoted. 

When asked about the program, first-year student Lesley Webster said “I had no idea that EthicsPoint existed and therefore have no idea how to use it, but I think the idea in principle is a good one.” 

She also commented that “a web-based hotline is a difficult and impersonal way to address bias, but I do think that it is a good thing that students experiencing it have a place to go.” 

While this service is available to Xavier students, university administrators have encouraged students and faculty to use other resources before anonymously reporting a biased incident on EthicsPoint. 

Students should first address incidents in the classroom by speaking directly with their professors or by submitting a report to the Bias Education and Advocacy Team. Biased incidents involving students should be reported to the Bias Advisory Response Team.

Moreover, community members can report incidents to the Xavier University Police Department, the Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Response Office, Residence Life, the Dean of Students or the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. 

EthicsPoint’s hotline is listed in the student handbook, but as a subsection after these resources, rendering it less effective and not as impactful. While the program itself admits that faculty and students should report their incidents to these other places, the student handbook does explain that “Xavier would rather that an anonymous report be made than no report at all.” 

When asked to comment, the Office of Audit and Risk Management did not reply. 

The consensus is this: if someone experiences bias or unethical conduct at Xavier, they have a variety of reporting options. However, they are encouraged to exhaust all other options before using EthicsPoint.