UC Football is good? Think again

By Grace Carlo, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
UC football has gotten off to a hot start this season, but there may be some underlying causes for their success. One of which is their absolute joke of a conference, which the school somehow still thinks is good.

We all know the city rivalry between Xavier and the University of Cincinnati (UC). 

UC has one thing that Xavier does not, and that is football. Surprisingly, the University of Cincinnati is ranked no. 5 in the country with its undefeated 5-0 record. 

However, these stats are rigged. There is no way that UC is good enough to be in the top 10 best teams in the country.  

First, let’s take a look at their absolute joke of a conference.  Tulsa, East Carolina, Houston, UCF, USF, Memphis, SMU, Navy and Temple? Come on, now. And they like to call themselves a high major…

A rumor going around the city of Cincinnati stated that the Bearcats have cheated and deflated the football on their home field similar to what the New England Patriots were accused of last year. 

They were accused of this after their 42-13 win against Southern Methodist University.

 There is no way UC beat a Texas team without some sort of cheating going on. 

Look at it this way,  when the Patriots deflated balls against the Colts in the AFC Champiosnhip game, the final score was 45-7, which is suspiciously close to 42-13. No wonder the Bearcats are doing so well. 

Also, rumor has it that an anonymous source from the UC cheer team came forward and said, “I feel really guilty having to hide all these team secrets, but since we are doing so well this year, it makes no sense to keep it all a secret.” 

The cheer team is also a part of all these scandals. However, they are trying their best (and evidently failing) to keep it secret, because they do not want to negatively affect the team. 

If you thought something was fishy with UC to begin with, you were probably right. 

Because UC is still a program that is good enough to play on TV and generate revenue for the NCAA, the Bearcats won’t be punished.