Finding joy and happiness at XU

by Emma Stevens, Staff Writer 
Newswire photos courtesy of Kate Ferrell
Even though it seems like they can’t get better, there are many ways that students can find joy and happiness on Xavier’s campus everyday. This includes petting dogs, getting involved or even just enjoying the outdoors.

The end of the semester and the approach of finals can cause stress for students, but there are plenty of ways to find glimmers of happiness on campus. No matter your interests, there are ways for you to find joy here at Xavier. 


On-campus events offer students the opportunity to partake in fun activities, often free of charge, right here on campus. 

Movies on the lawn or trivia in Gallagher Student Center (GSC) offer frequent opportunities for lighthearted fun. Going with a few friends to an event or meeting new people by attending can be a great way to brighten your day. 


Additionally, Xavier has a wide variety of clubs and organizations that students can be involved in. 

Whether you like to knit, sing acapella or play volleyball, there is a club for you. Joining a club can allow you to further explore one of your hobbies or even introduce you to a newfound passion. 

Being in a club with other people who possess a common interest can help you to find a pastime or purpose, as well as a community. Finding the right club can unlock a whole new kind of happiness for you here on campus. 

Be Active

However, finding ways to feel content while on campus does not always have to involve an organized, school-sponsored activity. 

Working out, whether that be in a Zumba class at the HUB or going for a run around campus, can be a great way to clear your head and get your endorphins flowing. How, when and where you work out is totally in your control, but even a simple walk through the Academic Mall just to move your legs can help you to shake some stress away. 

Go Outside

Another way to sprinkle some cheerful energy into your day is to spend some time outside. Being in the Midwest, Xavier’s campus is currently covered in beautiful fall leaves. Simply getting outside, breathing some fresh air and soaking in some vitamin D can turn your whole day around. 

Though the daylight is limited these days, getting some sunshine can make a world of difference for your mood. You can kick back and relax in a lawn chair by the Husman stage, get some studying done at the tables outside GSC or find a quiet bench outside Hinkle Hall and read a good book.

Get Cozy 

Finding joy on campus can also come in the form of a calm and cozy spot to enjoy some coffee, tea or a pastry. With Victory Perk and Starbucks both just a walk away, students have options when it comes to coffee shops. 

Whatever your coffee shop of choice is, spending some time there could be a great way to add some happiness into your day. You could meet up with a friend and chat or spend some quality time by yourself. 

No matter if you like your beverage hot or cold — or no beverage at all — use the coffee shops here on campus as a place to slow down and take a breath. Enjoy the laid back environment, and let your worries melt away. 


 In addition to all these possible paths to happiness, one surefire way to warm your heart and make your day is to go out and see a dog. 

There are four-legged friends all over campus. With the dogs involved in 4 Paws for Ability, service and emotional support animals and the neighborhood dogs that are walked by their owners here on campus, there is an abundance of loving, adorable dogs on campus at any given time. 

Finding one and giving it some love may be the best thing you do for yourself all day. 

There are a multitude of ways to find happiness here at Xavier, so get out there and find what works best for you.