Celebrating the people who get you the news

After looking back at this unique semester, I wanted to recognize our most active staff. Our members don’t have content requirements, yet these students pushed themselves to produce the most content for our sections. 

Newswire provides stupendous opportunities for our members to learn and grow, but we can only do that when there’s content to publish. Whether they’ve taken one picture or written 20 articles, I’m tremendously appreciative to each of our contributors.

Until next semester,

Heather Gast, EIC

Chloe Salveson

Campus- SGA Beat (9)

Newswire Live- Campus Catch-up (5) 

The eyes and ears in the SGA meetings.      

First-year Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

Waleed Majid

Opinions (5) 

“The Oppressors” series challenged ideas of justice.     

First-year Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

Joe Laurich

Sports (14) 

Provides coverage of a wide range of professional and college sports.  

Sophomore finance major

Jake Geiger

Sports (14) 

Covers the MLB, NFL and Xavier sports.  

Junior sports management major

Ben Thomson

A&E (6) 

Known for his movie reviews with great insights.

Sophomore, Digital Innovation in Film and Television

Sebastian Aguilar, Jacob Smith, Tess Brewer and Griffin Brammer. 

The back page 

We had a four-way tie between these goons

Erik Maahs


Took photos at the ‘Speak up XU’ protest in September. 

Sophomore psychology 

Mo Juenger

Jack of all trades  

The most versatile writer on the Newswire team 

Sophomore psychology major

Erin Albright

Most Prolific Writer (17 total)

Campus (4), World (5), Newswire Live (5)

This wasn’t even counting her intern articles.

First-year philosophy major