Crosstown Tip-Off raises money for local businesses

Xavier’s Musketeer Report and UC’s Bearcat Journal initiated #TipEmUp challenge

by curt berry, staff writer
Photo courtesy of @DVBXU on Twitter
The Crosstown Tip-off has taken place between Xavier and UC over the last few weeks at numerous
restaurants in the Cincinnati area. Above is a $1,300 tip from Xavier alumni from the class of 2002.

Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati (UC) are approximately three miles away, but both schools have become closer than ever in support of local businesses to the tune of approximately $34,000. 

In what is known as the “Crosstown Tip-Off,” Xavier and UC have competed in a challenge to raise the most money in tips for local restaurants. 

The past few weeks, alumni from each school have gone to a local restaurant,  left a  large tip and then posted it on social media. 

Currently, UC is in the lead after a large $3,000 tip at Clutch OTR, which was responded with a $2,021 tip from a Musketeer at Forno in Hyde Park. .

Another massive tip, totalling $4,525 went straight to The Birch in Terrace Park. 

 The “Crosstown Tip-Off was even featured on The Today Show, and earned praise from host Hoda Kotb.

These tips have ignited the start of the #TipEmUp challenge. 

Created by Xavier’s Musketeer Report and UC’s Bearcat Journal message boards, the challenge is a way for anybody to donate and help out a traditional Xavier or UC bar or restaurant. 

Donations that go to the Bearcat Journal go straight to Holy Grail and Clifton Mio’s. Any donations to the Musketeer Report will be split up in thirds: A third will go to Dana Gardens, and third will go to Stones Lanes and a third will go in support of Black owned businesses around Cincinnati. 

“The staff and I couldn’t be happier about what the Xavier Report and the Bearcat Journal did to help not only us, but local businesses in Cincinnati,” B.J. Hayley, the owner of Dana Gardens, said,.

“Dana Gardens is an Irish possession and a Xavier tradition… it is a Xavier staple,” he added. 

Hayley said all the money donated will go to his staff. Bearcat Journal came out on top in the challenge, raising $19,091.99, including a $2,000 donation from Kansas City Chiefs tight end and UC alum, Travis Kelce. 

Musketeer Report raised $14,231.62 and also received a $2,000 donation of their own with a quip about Kelce’s  donation. The Venmo transaction note read, “When you go to X, you don’t need to win a Super Bowl to have an expendable $2,000.”

There have been many classic battles between Xavier and UC and countless epic, crosstown shootouts. 

As much as I love rooting against the Bearcats, I love seeing these totals go up and these school staples getting the support they deserve.