The Lighter Side: 2/18/21

Buttplug Bandit, Cracker Barrel lost cock, Buffalo Bill B&B

A member of the Idaho House of Representatives was scolded after he held up “bunny ears” behind another speaking representative during a debate (Feb. 10). 

U.S. Border Patrol officers confiscated and destroyed 200 pounds of bologna meat that a man allegedly tried to traffic across the U.S.-Mexican border (Feb. 11). 

A bookkeeping agency has determined that the “Super Bowl Streaker” cannot collect his earnings after betting $50,000 that someone would get on the field during the game (Feb. 11). 

A Mississippi Civil War reenactor who lost his pet rooster in an Alabama Cracker Barrel parking lot was reunited with the bird. According to the owner, the fowl was also involved in Civil War reenactments (Feb. 12). 

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A man reunited with a cock that he lost at an Alabama Cracker Barrel.

An Iowa man known as the “Buttplug Bandit” was given a suspended sentence after being charged with the theft of several sex toys from an unlocked vehicle (Feb. 13). 

A British farmer made over $50,000 by renting out “goat appearances” to prank customers’ coworkers via Zoom (Feb. 13). 

A new study found that pigs can be trained to play video games with their snouts. The pigs used joysticks and completed levels while receiving encouragement from a team of scientists (Feb. 13). 

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A recent study shows that pigs can play video games with their snouts.

Fans of hit horror movie Silence of the Lambs will soon be able to stay in the house where murderous character Buffalo Bill lived, as the property is currently being converted into a bed and breakfast (Feb. 14). 

A history professor at the University of Tennessee will center his summer syllabus around the popular video game Red Dead Redemption in order to teach his students about early 20th century Western history (Feb. 15). 

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile fulfilled some unusual requests for lovers this Valentine’s Day: delivering flowers from inside the giant hot dog-shaped truck (Feb. 15). 

Mexico City officials banned tampons, citing that the plastic applicators used in the product were bad for the environment. The city did not, however, offer any sort of environmentally-friendly alternative menstrual product (Feb. 16). 

Bahraini activists are calling for beach cleanups after it was discovered that many of the country’s seagulls are now too fat to fly. The discovery was made after a major festival in Bahrain, during which individuals littered the beach with fatty foods that the birds then devoured (Feb. 17).