Fashion Week pulls out all the stops for viewers

Leprechaun green, adobe brown featured in this year’s NYC Fashion Week

by emily croft, staff writer
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Once again, New York Fashion Week is all the buzz in the fashion community, with new pieces revealed from
designers like Nicky Zimmerman and Victoria Beckham, with their new ‘70s Countdown themed clothing line.

With the pandemic still in full swing, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) found itself shifting the clothing culture from the internet this year. Throughout the week of Feb. 14, top models and designers revealed which clothing fads people should pay attention to for the rest of 2021. 

The trends began with a variety of colors set to take over the rest of this year. The first color includes a leprechaun green, one that is predicted to bring a pop of color to outfits. 

The second color consists of a shade of brown, adobe, which is a lighter brown that would go perfectly in layering outfits that have been popular lately. 

Paired with these colors, the majority of the outfits revealed throughout the show consisted of fun, dressy outfits that all send the same message. Designers have an optimistic look for the future with the distribution of vaccines, focusing on designs that symbolize going out and socializing again. 

A popular fashion statement right now is the sweater vest, typically paired in a layered outfit. These vests continued their reign in fashion, as they were included in numerous designers collections for the upcoming season. 

While pieces revealed  were important, they were not as important as the models wearing them. The most talked about model this year was Ella Emhoff, who recently signed a contract with the IMG Modeling Agency. 

Emhoff might not be an easily recognizable name, but she is the stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris. After her stunning appearance at the inauguration, companies sprung for Emhoff. 

For NYFW, she made her debut by modeling for designer Proenza Schouler. Emhoff wore styles including powerful pantsuits and a lively yellow tie-dye shirt. 

While they weren’t necessarily models, NYFW had some furry friends partake in some of the modeling events. Tradition continued this year in  Anthony Rubio’s Women’s Wear Canine Couture Show, as the dogs wore clothing that matched that of the model carrying them down the runway. 

Every year, Rubio partners with animal shelters to use dogs that are up for adoption in his shows. 

Finally, there would be no models if we didn’t have designers.

Nicky Zimmerman and Victoria Beckham both offered unique looks for the upcoming seasons. Zimmerman’s collection was inspired by the Australian ‘70s show Countdown. While Zimmerman used this inspiration to push her line, she continued to use her unique styles of puffed sleeves and Victorian necklines. Her collection offered an uplifting and sensational feeling of life in a future pandemic-less society. 

Beckham sent the same message as Zimmerman in a different sense. Beckham focused on creating pieces in her line that buyers can dress up or down and use for a long time. She best represented this message with her newest release of coats.

Through contrasting colors and a sleek look, Beckham has been able to show off more professional blazers and coats in a way that people can wear them however they like.

Even though NYFW took on a different look this year, it upheld the tradition of determining clothing fads for the next year, while also delivering a message of hope.