The Lighter Side

Rant with Rudy, aim-policing, ChinaGate

Too sick to get (it) up: Erectile dysfunction is six times more likely in men with COVID-19 than in other men (Aug. 25). 

Came(no): Rudy Giuliani has joined the personalized video streaming platform, Cameo. For $199, users can receive a personalized greeting, rant or statement from Giuliani (Aug. 27). 

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Rudy Giuliani, who is $15,000 in debt, has joined the Cameo platform.

TikTok has banned the “milk crate challenge” for promoting dangerous acts. This challenge involves gathering and stacking milk crates in a pyramid formation, and then stepping on these crates without falling (Aug. 28).

Watch your aim: A new sign has appeared on the river border between Norway and Russia, stating “No Peeing Towards Russia.” Those who elect to ignore this advice face a 3,000 kroner ($345) fine (Aug. 28).

The Chinese Government limited children to three hours of online gaming a week. China’s state news agency described video games as “spiritual opium” (Aug. 30).