An Open Letter on Club Sports

By Colin French, Guest Writer

We have just received word of the travel suspension for student organizations. As a club that is rooted in compliance with all university guidelines and policies, we are deeply offended. 

Club sports is:

“a platform to participate in collegiate athletics, community involvement and service. We value student leadership, teamwork, ethical and responsible behavior on and off the field, sportsmanship and respect for all.”

This is a direct quote from the Xavier University website describing the nature of club sports. The university’s leadership is blatantly going against this mission statement with the recent policy changes.

“Respect For All.”

As an organization, we have felt nothing but disrespected by the COVID-19 Task Force and administration over the past two years. As varsity sports can continue to travel at full capacity while following the same guidelines as the rest of the school, we still have yet to understand why that same privilege does not extend to student organizations, specifically club sports. Still, the exception is extended to varsity athletics with no proper reasoning behind it.

“Ethical and Responsible Behavior.”

In the travel guideline statement, XU claims that “Travel is complex, and the concerns related to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic stem from our ability to care for and support students who may develop symptoms while traveling.” 

As a virtually autonomous organization, all complexities in travel are organized and planned by our individual organizations and the club sports department with little to no help from the university. We are all fully vaccinated and plan our itinerary around the current situation of the pandemic, conscious of  how to  minimize risk for our members and surrounding community. We always aim for responsible behavior and travel, never veering from the health and safety of our tight knit family.

No matter how “responsible” this policy change may seem, there is no upholding rationale behind it. We have all willingly been fully vaccinated and are ready to assume the risks with traveling. As of this moment, Xavier has only 10 positive and active cases among students. These 10 students are not a sudden spike in cases; our student community has been at the plus or minus 10 case count for the past few weeks. Responsibility is important but it is unreasonable to shut down travel for all organizations.

As you evaluate the implementation of your new guidelines, we encourage you to take a step back and look at the greater picture. See the message you are conveying to your students and who you are choosing to support over others.


Xavier Club Baseball