The window for revolution has closed

By Waleed Majid, Staff Writer

“The history of all hitherto existing society is a history of class struggle,” German historians, economists and revolutionary theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles said. But it seems that there is a clear winner of this struggle. 

Between the two contending classes, it’s obvious that the bourgeois are the victors of the class war. We see it from  the fact that only six companies have control of 90% of the media, to the American worker’s inability to negotiate with their employers. 

It is idealistic to deny it further; change is close to impossible due to the substandard conditions of modern American workers, as well as the ruling class’s ever-growing control over state, property and education. We must realize that the advent of a Communist revolution in the 21st century is far beyond the scope of reason. 

A common thought in Communist circles is that the proletariat will be fully capable of forcefully destroying anything that implicitly and explicitly oppresses and stupefies them. Enamored with hope, the modern Maoist and Marxist-Leninist “organizations’’ in the U.S. are eager to replicate the social, political and economic reformations made by earlier groups, such as the Black Panther Party of the U.S., the Bolsheviks of Russia or the Chilean Socialist Party.  

However, the reality is that the necessary conditions for a violent overthrow are nonexistent and will continue to be nonexistent. The American empire’s suppression of anti-state action over the last 40 years has completely castrated the people’s will for any form of revolution. 

In the previous century, the state did not crush the necks of dissenters as hard. Rather, they allowed them to at least gasp for hope. It was because of this strict yet improperly maintained repression that revolution was possible in Russia, Burkina Faso, Chile, Cuba and so on. However, since the latter half of the 20th century, the ruling classes have learned from their errors and have now crafted their methods of oppression with near surgical precision.  

In our time, they have nipped the people’s hope from the root, rather than the bud. They have trampled on any questioning and rejection of their authority. 

This includes the humiliation of investigators such as Garry Web, who worked to uncover relations between the CIA’s attempts to overthrow Nicaragua’s Marxist government and the CIA’s trafficking of cocaine into the U.S. Another example is the FBI’s crackdown on liberation groups such as the Black Panther Coalition in their attempts to radicalize and organize major American cities. The American elite has become more steadfast in its prevention of any revolutionary action that harms the country’s status as a power to be reckoned with. 

In the 20th century, there existed a feasible possibility of some form of labor reformation and cultural upheaval by many American Communist organizations. The U.S., in their error, had been lenient enough with anti-state action that Eugene Debs, an openly Communist presidential candidate, won 6% of the popular vote in the 1912 election. 

The progress achieved by the Industiral Workers of the World and early 20th-century anarchists in regards to labor reforms, most notably the The Black Panther Party and the Rainbow Coalition. They successfully implemented China’s former chairman Mao Zedong’s theories and established the Breakfast Program, the People’s Army and free education and medical support programs in all  their chapters. That is, until their dismemberment in the early ‘80s.  

However, these advancements are nearly unimaginable in our current political and cultural climate. 

The American population has missed its chance at a feasible revolt against the institutions that suppress them, and the bourgeois has better perfected their art of oppression. The Black and Indigenous, the homeless and the disabled, the woman and the ill — they have no real representation in our government nor in our deteriorating workers’ unions. 

At the moment, all social organization attempts that do not coincide with the status quo are shut down with unyielding force and are killed by Uncle Sam. 

One would ask, “So what is to be done, then?” To that, I say that it’s not a matter of what should be done, but rather of what we have left to choose. We can continue to live as slaves and die without any meaning. We can fight pointlessly in a war already won by the enemy. Or we can resort to self destruction. 

Give up and writhe in defeat. Stop worshiping hope as one worships God. Retreat from your idealism. The Marxists of this country must come to terms with reality; the Red Scare has finally frightened the Red Specter. We will never be free.