HUB reverses mask mandate

BY Tyler Clifton, Staff Writer

Xavier’s Health United Building (HUB) updated to its mask policy on Sept. 26, allowing students to remove their masks while exercising. 

Individuals are still encouraged to wear masks while at the Recreation Center, but this announcement gives individuals the choice to wear a mask when they are working out. Staff members are required to continue mask up while on the job, and people are still expected to wear a face covering when moving around the facility.

A statement was released on Sept. 27, informing the Xavier community of this policy change. 

 “Due to reduction of COVID cases in our university community, the Recreation Center at the HUB will reduce the mask policy by allowing members to remove their masks once they get to where they will be exercising,” the statement read. “Masks are required while in the facility and all times you are not actively exercising.”

This announcement mimics the HUB’s original policy, reversing the Aug. 27 decision to require masks of all HUB visitors, except when showering or swimming. 

Director of Recreational Sports Leslie Dulle explained that the team made this recent decision based on the low number of COVID-19 cases at Xavier, but they are prepared to pivot again if cases rise. The HUB’s leadership will continue to monitor the COVID-19 Dashboard to determine future policies.

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