SGA campaigns are underway

Read their platforms below, and don’t forget to vote next Wednesday


President: Derrick Meyer

Junior business analytics and marketing major

Vice President: Ethan Brosnan

Junior health services administration major

Vice President: Diego Pulido

Junior classical humanities and communication studies double major

Campaign Platform: Our platform will be focused on improving on-campus life for students. We will be personable with students by going around campus, interacting with them utilizing social media.

Goals & Plans for Office:

  • Bring nutritious and new food options
  • Build a better connection between students and Cincinnati
  • Provide transportation around the school, grocery stores and CVG
  • Increase international student recruitment
  • Increase on-campus safety

Why do you want to serve? (We) want to represent students of every walk of life to make Xavier a more belonging and interconnected network. Also, (we) believe that there are many things that can make academic and campus life better for everyone. 

We ARE Change

President: Annalese Cahill

Junior Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

Vice President: Ryan Dhaliwal

Junior biology major (pre-med)

Vice President: Evan Nash

Sophomore political science major

Campaign Platform: We ARE change. We are proactive instead of reactive. As we transition into a new era at Xavier, we are up to the task of relieving our systemic crises.

Goals & Plans for Office:

  • Create a “nighttime ride” shuttle service to get free rides to and from campus in the evenings
  • Increase women’s safety on campus through active bystander informational initiatives
  • Install hammock posts on the lawn and supply hammocks for students to use
  • Partner with Kroger so students can use dining dollars for groceries
  • Update GOA and Manresa to promote inclusiveness at Xavier and increased sustainability practices

Why do you want to serve? We have the perfect mix of experience and fresh ideas to move Xavier onto a new level of proactiveness. With a new president, continued COVID-19 challenges and a magnifying glass on the experiences of historically underrepresented students on campus, we want to listen. We are change. 

Voice for Xavier

President: Murphy Penwell

Junior life sciences for business major

Vice President: Adam Stuckey

Junior economics and finance double major

Vice President: David Reeves

Sophomore Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

Campaign Platform: We want all students’ voices to be heard through engaged discussions with them about what matters most to them, including diversity, mental health, sexual harassment and assault and student success.

Goals & Plans for Office:

  • Campus beauty, including murals, the graphic arts and music
  • Sex safety, education, awareness and products
  • Student and faculty relations
  • SGA convocation, designed to inform the Xavier community about reports and intentions of SGA and its partners
  • Xavier outreach and communication with the surrounding area

Why do you want to serve? We all love this school and everything it has, including the people, athletics, faculty and the education. This being said, there are things that can and need to be changed. When we graduate, we want to look back and see the positive marks that we left on this school.