The Lighter Side

Pokémon police, used undies, celebrities

  • A Baltimore turtle was mercilessly cyberbullied on his birthday, leading some to suggest that turtles should avoid social media until they are at least 100-years-old (Jan. 7).
  • Sweet, sweet irony: Two lawyers arguing against the federal vaccine mandate will have to present their arguments remotely, after testing positive for COVID-19 (Jan. 7).
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LAPD officers were fired for playing Pokémon Go instead of policing.
  • “Ya nasty”: Norwegian military recruits must give their used underwear and bras back at the end of their service due to supply shortages (Jan. 8).
  • A shocking new study has found that individuals obsessed with celebrities tend to be less intelligent (Jan. 9). 
  • Gotta catch ‘em all (except the robbers): LAPD officers ignored a robbery call while catching a Snorlax on Pokémon Go. The officers have since been fired (Jan. 11).