A message from your SGA execs

By Annalese Cahill, Guest Writer

The beginning of a semester is very challenging for college students. New classes, books, professors and clubs can be overwhelming. The Omicron variant has added unprecedented stress to this transition. We understand how students are feeling, and we feel the same way. We are feeling the strain, but more importantly, we are hopeful. 

Since the Student Government Association (SGA) campaign and election in October 2021, Ryan Dhaliwal, Evan Nash and I have been hard at work to ensure that students have a smooth transition back to campus. We have heard frustrations about being a student during COVID-19. We are here to work. 

We are here to listen to your thoughts and experiences here on campus. We want to know how we can improve our classrooms, parking, diversity and inclusion initiatives, sustainability practices and student life projects. Don’t be shy! 

Along with our senators, our goals for this coming year include visibility and transparency. We want SGA to be more accessible than ever. We want student input from all walks of the undergraduate experience. 

Follow us on Instagram @xusga. Send any of the three executives an email by searching our names into your Outlook account. 

Most importantly, encourage yourself or anyone you know to apply for a vacancy on the SGA Senate. Make your voice heard on this campus. Your experiences and opinions matter to us.  

This semester may be difficult, but we know that the Musketeers can persevere through any challenge. The executives hope you have an incredible semester and a full college experience. We cannot wait to work with all of you!