Column: BRAVE broadens the conversation

SeX and Relationships, A BRAVE Column

By Alyea Justison, A BRAVE Peer Educator


Welcome, all! The BRAVE Peer Educators are thrilled to have an opportunity to collaborate with Newswire in our column about sex and relationships. Our name, BRAVE, stands for Believe, Reclaim, Advocate, Vocalize and Empower. You may know us from the various workshops we provide on campus about healthy relationships, bystander intervention and other conversations around sexual violence prevention and sexuality. We are a cohort of students trained to engage with our peers about topics of power- and gender-based violence, but we know these conversations can be awkward, scary and uncomfortable. 

Through this column, we, as educators, hope to open, deepen and broaden conversations about relationships, friendships, sex, sexuality, sexual violence and more. These are hard yet vitally important topics to discuss on our campus in order to create a safe and informed environment where all students can thrive.

We hope you check us out each week to engage in these conversations, and we hope you bring these topics to your partners, friends and peers. 

Join us in being part of the solution to ending power- and gender-based violence at Xavier. And, as always, if you or someone you know is in need of support, please reach out to Xavier’s Confidential Campus Advocate Susan Pelle at

This column will be published online every Monday and sent to the Xavier community  in Newswire’s Monday Morning Briefing.