Flynn Hall now provides self tests

On-campus resource is available to students who want a COVID-19 test

By julia Lankisch, Staff Writer

Xavier students can now use their ALL Cards to pick up COVID-19 self tests at Flynn Hall.

This policy went into effect  in mid-January. Xavier students were formally alerted on Jan. 31 in the Xavier Student Weekly email.

According to COVID-19 Task Force member Kevin Lavelle, XUPD was provided about 1,000 tests to be handed out to students, but they can request more when necessary from Physical Plant. 

Xavier is also working with community partners to maintain a steady supply as needed. As of Wednesday, approximately 250 tests have been claimed.

Lavelle added that it is important for students experiencing symptoms to use testing at Health Services as their first course of action. 

Newswire photo by Robbie Dzierzanowski
Flynn Hall, Xavier’s Police Station, is now offering up to four COVID-19 self tests per student. The university was provided around 1,000 tests this winter. Students need to provide their ALL Card in order to pick up their tests.

The Health United Building still tests students for free, and appointments can be made by calling Xavier Health Services at 513-745-3022, option 3. 

There are also a host of free testing sites, which can be found by entering your location on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ website.

Assistant Chief of Police Greg Haigis said that Xavier got lucky with the timing of acquiring these tests, noting that they were ordered days before the Biden Administration began amassing their one billion tests to send out to U.S. households for free. Students can request up to four tests per household.

With supply chain issues preventing people who have ordered them from receiving their tests from the government, the high price of tests at drugstores and national shortages, Haigis believes the tests at Flynn are a great option for students looking for self-tests. Students who have already claimed a test can also pick up a second on a different day.

Students should contact the non-emergency phone at Flynn Hall at 513-745-2000 with any questions.