Indie rock band Peach Pit amuses Bogart’s crowd

By Julia Lankisch, Staff Writer Seeing Peach Pit made me feel like I was witnessing a garage rock band playing for their friends but in the very best way. Bogart’s, a club with a capacity of around 1,500 people, itself made the concert worth attending.  Upon entering the establishment, you see a brick wall that each performer who visited the venue has signed. An unbelievable number of famous acts have performed on that stage: Elton John, U2, Ray Charles, Radiohead and many more. It was incredible to imagine each of those huge figures on a stage just 20 feet away. … Continue reading Indie rock band Peach Pit amuses Bogart’s crowd

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Sports that Ohio Could Go Pro In  BY SPENCER DETENLEY  Cornhole Welcome to Ohio, where we are not known as anything more than the Corntopia of the world. One classic sport that all Ohioans love to play is none other than Cornhole. In Cornhole, two sets of two-player teams face off in what can only be described as a bag toss. Each member then tosses little bags filled with corn kernels onto the opposite board. Now, the fun twist comes in with the hole. On either board, there is one singular hole at the very top of the board; that’s … Continue reading Back Page 08/31/22

Victoria Square residents face looming evictions

By Julia Lankisch, Staff Writer Residents of the Victoria Square apartment complex, were sent eviction notices in late July after an ownership transfer.  Sunset Property Solutions (SPS), the new developer, informed the occupants of 232 units they have until the end of September to leave their apartments and find new ones. For many of the residents, there is no other option. The complex primarily houses people with low monthly incomes, and many other available apartments in Newport that ask similar rent have long waitlists for residency. “I’m scared not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring, I was secure here. … Continue reading Victoria Square residents face looming evictions