Patrolers post pathetic parking pics

New XU parking account features the horrible park jobs in Xavier’s various lots

By Spencer De tenley

A new Xavier-focused “bad parking” Instagram account has gained more than 100 followers since the beginning of the semester.

The account is called @xu_parking, and it is making waves across the Xavier community for its hilarious showcases of Xavier students’ terrible parking jobs. 

A pair of roommates decided to create the account at the beginning of the semester. Originally, the pair made it to feature the bad parking in the H-Lot, located across from the Innovation Center on Dana Avenue. In the lot, there are no lines on the ground to denote individual spaces, rather, loose gravel that provides no way to tell where to park. 

“We have always been annoyed by the insane spacing of H-lot parkers. Since lines are nonexistent and parking is a mess, (we) decided to create a light-hearted page with a heavy sarcastic tone,” the  founders of the account said.

They thought that this would be a good way to hold horrible parkers accountable in a satirical way.

The most common bad parking criteria involves students spacing in the parking lots.

The account features cars that are “parked unreasonably badly,” which is defined by the owners of the account as “hav(ing) way too much space in between, but just not enough for another car.”

The first five posts of the account show examples of this type of parking. In these photos, cars leave unnecessarily large gaps between themselves and surrounding cars, leading to a disorderly parking lot. 

Gaps are not the only criteria for bad parking, though. According to the account, another distinguisher of a bad parking job is crookedness. 

Many cars featured on the account outside of the H-lot are over the lines or not parallel to neighboring cars. 

The owners of the account say that the goal of the account has stayed the same since the beginning.

“(We continue to post) so Xavier students can get a smile or laugh everyday,” they said.