Photo-op: First college experience without masks

By emily Croft, Staff Writer

Kaleb Walters


Philosophy, politics and the public and history double major

“It was pretty cool and interesting to see everyone’s faces. It felt like a novel and new experience, even though I did it for 12 school years before we had to wear the masks, but overall it’s nice to get back to normal.”

Jaid Goh 


Philosophy, politics and the public and computer science double major

“It was interesting to see everyone’s face for the first time despite having a class with them multiple times. Having classes without masks has been a long time in the making, and I’m glad life is finally back to normal.”

Bobby Gerity


Political science major

“It makes me feel a lot more comfortable than I used to in the classroom. There’s much more to do on campus, and it’s easier to connect with people even though it’s been a short time.”

Moira Elliot


Biology major

“Now that the masks are no longer required, I think it’s a lot easier to connect to the people in my classes. There’s a different feeling in the classroom since the mandate was lifted. After over a year and a half of wearing masks on campus, it feels long overdue.”

Megan Osting


Marketing and entrepreneurial studies double major

“It was so refreshing to go to class without masks, especially with the nice weather on Monday. I felt like I was starting college over again. It is definitely weird though, because I keep thinking I’m forgetting something.”