SGA Notes

  • Dr. Mack Mariani, Take It On director and professor of political science, spoke with the Senate regarding the Ignatian Campus Speech Initiative. 
  • Sen. Murphy Penwell, along with the Campus On and Off Living Committee, will meet with Suzanne Chouteau, the chair of the art department, to discuss a plan for painting murals around campus. 
  • Sen. Nick Jebsen met with Director of Auxiliary Services Bill Moran regarding the possible addition of printers. Instead of purchasing a new printer, Moran suggested moving a printer from the Conaton Learning Commons to the lobby of Justice Hall. Jebsen will meet with Assistant Director of Public Services Alison Morgan to discuss the feasibility of this project. 
  • Sen. Shontelle Johnson, along with the Students’ Rights and Identity Committee, met with the Black Care Club to discuss safety on campus.