Newswire endorses FTP ticket


  • We commend each of the candidates for their involvement and clear commitment to SGA. Each member of the campaign has demonstrated dedication to SGA’s student advocacy through their involvement in student-facing committees and initiatives.
  • We appreciate the passion and innovative solutions the candidates exhibit. For example, the ticket plans to work with University-Affiliated Organizations, including Black Student Association and Hispanic Or Latinx Alliance, to increase marginalized student involvement. 


  • We did not appreciate the vague nature of the campaign platform descriptions. As a result, there are unclear steps toward achieving tangible goals, such as adding a Sustainability Chair, working with XUPD to increase surveillance and improving pedestrian safety — specifically in regards to the Dana Avenue and Woodburn Drive crosswalk.
  • The ticket’s Oct. 25 forum expressed a desire to empower students to relay their concerns to the Xavier administration directly, rather than bridging the gap between the two. We believe that this bridge is an important core role of the SGA executives, and eliminating that would ultimately complicate the relations they’re seeking to improve. 

Focus Areas

  • We hope to see these candidates further detail their plans to enhance on-campus spaces. We appreciate that the ticket acknowledged expenses and difficulties surrounding campus enhancement, but we encourage more structured beautification and building plans. 
  • We also hope the ticket will explore more concrete solutions regarding the accreditation of experiential learning opportunities. While the candidates proposed working with Government Relations Director Sean Rhiney in order to accomplish this goal, specified steps would be appreciated to ensure success.