New gaming consoles to create consumer craze

written by: ALEX KELLY, staff writer Microsoft and Sony have been releasing details for their newest consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.  Xbox Series X will be released on Nov. 10, while PlayStation 5 will be released two days after on Nov. 12. Microsoft is selling two versions of their new Xbox: the Series X priced at $499 and the Series S, which does not come with a disk drive, priced at $299. PlayStation is doing something similar with their new console: offering a version with a disk drive for $499 and one without for $399. The … Continue reading New gaming consoles to create consumer craze

Wildfires rage along West Coast

Scientists say that climate change has exacerbated the havoc of the wildfires WRITTEN BY: ALEX KELLY, GUEST WRITER Wildfires have been burning through the West Coast for the past three weeks, devasting areas of California, Oregon and Canada.. The record-breaking fires are caused by human negligence, but amplified by climate change. They have been burning throughout the Pacific Coast, from California to Washington to parts of Canada, while leaving ash and air pollution in their fiery wake.  There have been 35 fire-related casualties in addition to the hundreds of thousands of West Coast citizens who have been affected by the … Continue reading Wildfires rage along West Coast