Campus creep caught

By: Grant F. Vance ~Managing Editor~ & Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ After a string of sexual assaults spanning two semesters, the notorious campus creep was taken into custody yesterday, Feb. 23. Students were concerned specifically about the amount of time it was taking to catch him and what seemed to be a lack of information provided in timely notices. According to Xavier University Police Chief Milek, four students have directly raised the question of why timely notices leave out crucial details, not to mention the general rumblings of curiosity expressed informally. More factors affect the formulation of timely notices than can … Continue reading Campus creep caught

An open letter to Xavier professor

Thoughts on hectic schedules, student loans and lackluster lectures Dear Xavier Professors, I know that a lot of you are very enthusiastic, motivated people who work hard each and every day to make sure that your students are learning important things about the world and themselves. This letter is not about those of you who fall into this group. Trust me, you are appreciated, and I have experienced firsthand how some of your students get together after class and discuss what they’ve learned from your lectures. If you have a feeling that you don’t fall into the aforementioned category, there … Continue reading An open letter to Xavier professor