Election reform

Senate, Board of Elections approve changes to election cycle By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ The Board of Elections announced that drastic changes to student elections will happen within the next academic year in a press release on Nov. 11. The number of elections will be decreased from the current three — a senate race in the fall for first-years, an executive election in February and an election for at-large senators, who can be from any class year, in the spring — to only two elections, with one in October and another in November. The change “will streamline the election process,” … Continue reading Election reform

Value your vote: Midterm elections matter

If it’s an even-numbered year, that means it is election time. The midterm elections have candidates for local and federal offices criss-crossing respective districts in hope of winning our vote this November. Before you think of voting or politics and begin to get cynical, let me offer some advice. America is a representative democracy. Citizens forget that, in order for our union to remain strong and meet its challenges effectively, citizens need to vote. Outside of presidential election years, people rarely see the importance of voting for local representatives or federal officials because the electoral process lacks the enthusiasm and … Continue reading Value your vote: Midterm elections matter

Board of Elections cancels outdoor campaigning for SGA Executive tickets, debate held as scheduled

By: Sabrina Brown ~Editor-in-Chief~ Violations during indoor canvassing lead to an election week event cancellation As the polls open for the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Election, Xavier students are accustomed to finding candidates around every turn on their way to class, work and other on-campus activities. This year, however, outdoor campaigning has been cancelled for the opening day of elections, Feb. 13. Due to what the SGA Board of Elections has deemed “inappropriate behavior on the part of all tickets during indoor canvassing,” the Board has decided to deny the candidates a final opportunity to directly interact with the … Continue reading Board of Elections cancels outdoor campaigning for SGA Executive tickets, debate held as scheduled