Staff editorial: endorsement

After careful consideration, this year the Xavier Newswire endorses Colleen Reynolds, Shelby Alig and Thomas Edney in the election for the Student Government Association (SGA) executives. The staff endorsement is not indicative of the opinion any individual on staff, nor does it indicate that a ticket is perfect. Rather, it reflects the result of careful deliberation about political finesse and ability to complete platform initiatives. The end of this year’s campaign season has been fraught with electoral violations for all tickets. The threat of disqualifications for one or more tickets loomed until the night before voting began and the Board … Continue reading Staff editorial: endorsement

SGA Elections

As SGA elections approach in a week’s time, it is one of the few times students get the opportunity to demonstrate the limited power they have in the administration of the university. We, as students, get to elect our representatives. The president of the student government, through the help of two vice presidents, forms a bridge between the student body (including the Senate) and the administration. He or she is the voice of students at official functions, one of the ways students can advocate for themselves. Student politics does not have a hold on Xavier. Campaign seasons merit attention, but … Continue reading SGA Elections

2014 Preview: A Look at Some of the Major Events of the Upcoming Year

By: Andrew Koch, Tim Wilmes, Hollis Conners NASA NASA’s spacecraft, “New Horizons,” has been traveling towards the edges of our solar system since 2006. It is planned to pass Pluto by July 2015. NASA predicts that “New Horizons” will cross Neptune’s orbit in late August. World Cup The FIFA World Cup will take place from June 12- July 13 in Brazil. This is the second time Brazil has hosted the tournament and there will be a total of 31 countries competing. For the first time, the competition will be using goal line technology, which will help accurately determine if the … Continue reading 2014 Preview: A Look at Some of the Major Events of the Upcoming Year