Board of Elections cancels outdoor campaigning for SGA Executive tickets, debate held as scheduled

By: Sabrina Brown ~Editor-in-Chief~

Violations during indoor canvassing lead to an election week event cancellation

As the polls open for the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Election, Xavier students are accustomed to finding candidates around every turn on their way to class, work and other on-campus activities.

This year, however, outdoor campaigning has been cancelled for the opening day of elections, Feb. 13.

Due to what the SGA Board of Elections has deemed “inappropriate behavior on the part of all tickets during indoor canvassing,” the Board has decided to deny the candidates a final opportunity to directly interact with the student body before students cast their votes.

The Board did not cancel the debate, however, which was held as scheduled on Feb. 11. Moderator and Board of Elections Chair Jayson Lerman’s questions left many in attendance with some unaddressed concerns.

Debate topics ranged from sustainability to conspiracy theories, failing to acknowledge other issues facing the Xavier community, notably its budget crisis, commitment to Jesuit values and lack of administrative transparency.

The candidates were encouraged to have dialogue with one another when discussing common themes across each ticket’s platform such as printing, dining and communication.

Contrary to typical debate format, presidential candidates were asked to identify strengths in their opponents’ tickets.

The debate also allowed candidates to address the recent violations appropriated to all tickets.

Multiple tickets appealed their violations in an effort to lessen sanctions and remain eligible to run for the SGA Executive positions. According to Lerman, no tickets have been disqualified as of the Board’s Tuesday night meeting.

The Board of Elections declined to comment as to the nature or extent of the various violations.

Voting will begin at 8 a.m. on Feb. 12 at and close at 4 p.m. on Feb. 13.