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Week of Worry By Grady Boris, Staff writer Welcome back to Xavier! We hope you had a relaxing break, because you’re going to need to be well rested for what’s coming. While we have traditionally hosted a Week of Welcome to welcome students back to campus and ease anxiety, we felt that was overdone. Instead, we’re happy to announce the Week of Worry, a week dedicated to maximizing anxiety. Here are some of the events that will be going on around campus: Guerilla Tactics: Walking around campus shouldn’t be as easy as it is. This week, there are SAC members … Continue reading Back Page 1/27/22

The Weeknd brings a new “Dawn”

By Grady Boris, Staff Writer Dawn is upon us with The Weeknd’s fifth studio album, Dawn FM. The album centers around what lies before the afterlife, with actor Jim Carrey appearing three times as an ominous narrator, guiding the listener through the story. The album’s run time hits around the 50-minute mark and fits neatly into the synth-pop genre, a genre that the Canadian-born has been attempting to perfect since his 2016 release, Starboy.  Influences of other pop stars can be heard throughout the album, such as Michael Jackson’s influence on “Sacrifice.” The narrative is told from the perspective of … Continue reading The Weeknd brings a new “Dawn”

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Santa is a class traitor As the Christmas season rolls on in (before you say it, no one cares about Thanksgiving — it’s Christmas time), it brings with it the holiday cheer that we all know and love.And who is a better embodiment of the holiday spirit than Santa Claus himself? But what if I told you Santa is a class traitor and a member of the social elite? See, Santa started off as a humble orphan left on the doorstep of a modest mom & pop toy shop. But now he’s turned that very same shop into a multinational … Continue reading Back Page 11/17/2021