Streetcar Saga

One year ago, if you had searched for the most recurring word in Cincinnati political news, the number one result, possibly before “the” or “a,” would be “streetcar.” Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but it can’t be too far off the mark; last year at this time, local politics and the streetcar debate were interchangeable terms. Despite the fact that ground was broken and construction began as far back as 2012, the project nearly met its end after a slate of anti-streetcar candidates were elected last November. However, after much debate and allocation of private funding for construction, City Council … Continue reading Streetcar Saga

Common Core wrong for schools, students

No one is ever happy about education in this country. There are incalculable flaws and disparities, insurmountable polarities in philosophy and unimaginable bureaucratic barriers embedded in the United States’ public education system. In the past few years, there has been talk about the most recent idea for education reform, termed the “Common Core.” Much ink has been spilt over Common Core, both attacking and defending the standards therein, but the general public seems to forget that they elect the members of the State Board of Education who choose to accept or reject such standards in their state. It is time … Continue reading Common Core wrong for schools, students

Marijuana legislation fuels inequality

Criminal records haunt job-seekers despite law’s repeal Time to talk drugs — weed, specifically. No one wants to be caught with marijuana on his or her person. Every pot-smoking, doobie-lighting, blunt-puffing college stoner lives in fear of the fine and confiscation of his or her precious herb if caught. However, for many people that have been caught with marijuana in the past seven years in the city of Cincinnati, drug use has cost them their ability to earn a respectable living. In 2006, City Council passed legislation that increased the charge for possession of marijuana from a minor misdemeanor to … Continue reading Marijuana legislation fuels inequality