Tensions rise between Saudi Arabia and Iran

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ The Arabian country Yemen has become the scene of the Middle East’s second proxy war, which has caused concern in the U.S. about the growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Renewed tensions between the countries led to the execution of 47 people on Jan. 2., adding to the already 6,000 killed since March 2015. More killings occurred Jan. 8 when an airstrike hit near the Iranian embassy in Sanaa. Saudi Arabia and Iran are locked in a spiraling regional showdown, and more countries like Yemen could suffer. The airstrike occurred moments after Riyadh’s execution … Continue reading Tensions rise between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Iran agrees to nuclear deal framework

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ A framework for a deal with Iran regarding a restriction on nuclear weapons was released on April 2 following a meeting in Switzerland. Leaders from six world powers met with Iranian representatives to discuss the agreement that limits the country’s nuclear program in exchange for an alleviation of economic sanctions. The countries represented were the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia. The first part of the agreement requires Iran to reduce the number of centrifuges in the country to 6,100 with only 5,000 that enrich uranium. Currently, Iran has 10,000 working centrifuges. The … Continue reading Iran agrees to nuclear deal framework

“Rosewater” brilliantly entertains

By: Meredith Francis ~Campus News Editor~ You can almost smell the rosewater. Late-night comedian Jon Stewart recently made his directorial and writing debut in “Rosewater,” the inspiring true story of an Iranian-born Canadian journalist named Maziar Bahari who was imprisoned after covering the controversial 2009 Iranian presidential elections and the violent protests that followed. Stewart mostly leaves comedy behind when telling Bahari’s story. For 118 days, Bahari, played by Gael García Bernal, was imprisoned in Iran’s notorious Evin prison on the accusation that he was an American spy. Bahari endured physical and psychological torture as his mother, pregnant wife and … Continue reading “Rosewater” brilliantly entertains