Opinion: Euphoria needs melodrama

By Jacob Smith, Staff Writer Is Euphoria an arthouse masterpiece, or is it a soap opera parading as one with its moody lighting and pretentious A24 cinematography?  For most of Season 2, I was leaning towards the latter. Not that I was complaining. Best friends in a love triangle with a psychopath, a pants-less dad drunkenly ranting to his horrified family, a character’s intense external insecurities that make her dress like she’s auditioning for a stage production of Oklahoma — every episode had a ridiculous, cringy, hilarious, jaw-dropping scene that fueled conversations with friends and coworkers each week.  These TikTok-beloved, … Continue reading Opinion: Euphoria needs melodrama

Mulaney makes vulnerability funny

By Jacob Smith, Staff Writer If you’ve ever seen a John Mulaney comedy special, you know his trademark mild-mannered persona, that he was raised Catholic and that he’s funny as hell.  If you’ve seen anything about him on the internet in the past year, you know he’s divorced and went to rehab for drug abuse. In his new tour, From Scratch, Mulaney assumes the audience knows all of this; he wastes no time getting to the heavy subjects.  From Scratch is a very personal and honest stand-up act, and within five minutes of greeting Cincinnati, Mulaney was already addressing his … Continue reading Mulaney makes vulnerability funny

Back Page: 10/7/2021

As October begins, so does spooky season. And in honor of spooky season, it’s time for us to honor the icons of horror in this fun game of Monster Mash: F, Marry or Kill So, you down for a little graveyard smash? By Jacob Smith, Staff Writer Dracula: F The hickeys would be hard to cover up, but he’s not based on Vlad the Impaler for  nothing. Norman Bates: F He loves role playing and surprises in the shower, and he has a huge Hitchcock. The Mummy: Kill Trust me, it looks better with its clothes on. The Shark from … Continue reading Back Page: 10/7/2021