TEDx talks incite hope for change

By: Jonathon Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor~ Xavier hosted a TEDx talk series focused on bringing hope to the future on April 15. This TEDx event was the first on a college campus that was completely orchestrated and organized by college students. The organizers created the event to help millennials understand that they possess an arsenal of tools to combat adversity with hope. The speakers included a former executive from General Electric (GE), a former Xavier Student Body President and a veteran who served in Iraq. The topics, while diverse in their delivery, all had a common theme of finding … Continue reading TEDx talks incite hope for change

America is not a democracy

The summer following my freshman year, I worked as an intern for my United States congressman. Part of my duties required me to answer the phones and hear constituents angrily complain about issues I could not control. Whenever I had an irate constituent on the phone, which was often, I was instructed by my supervisors to say, “The congressman understands your frustrations. May I please get your name so I may send him your message?” One day after regurgitating this response, a constituent angrily barked at me, “My congressman doesn’t care about me. He only cares about some special interest … Continue reading America is not a democracy

‘Anything Goes’ sails on shaky waters

By: Jon Hogue ~Staff Columnist~ As a part of its 2014-15 musical showcase, the Aronoff Center presented the Broadway classic, “Anything Goes.” Since 1934, “Anything Goes” has been a benchmark for theatrical excellence. The show’s current U.S. tour is a part of the production’s sixth theatrical revival. Several revivals have received Tony Awards for their accomplishments and often play to sold-out audiences overseas. With the lyrical genius of Cole Porter at the helm of this production, it is easy to see why everything goes right with “Anything Goes.” The story focuses on Billy Crocker, Reno Sweeney and Hope Harcourt as … Continue reading ‘Anything Goes’ sails on shaky waters