West cries over mistake at Rent-A-Car

By: Henry Eden ~Wild West Cowboy~ Enterprise Rent-A-Car middle manager Ralph Hartman was attending the desk at the time of the Kardashian’s arrival. “At first, when I saw them walking up, I was pretty excited. My girlfriend really likes their show, and its actually fairly entertaining. The episodes where Khloe and the sisters have to deal with Lamar’s near-death experience were some of the best TV I’ve seen since ‘Lost’ went off the air,” Hartman said. “But when I handed Kanye the keys to his Kia Sorento, he gave me a look that terrified every fiber of my being. I knew … Continue reading West cries over mistake at Rent-A-Car

Kanye’s haters ‘can’t tell me nothing’

By: Allison Wisyanski ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~ Kanye West. You either love him or hate him. Me? I’ve always loved him. His music, his style and his passion for what he does. To me, he’s easily one of the greatest artists and producers of all time. I’m sure some people may disagree, but I’m here to support everything. Kanye has contributed to music. Sure, he says things that are uncalled for, and he may be arrogant at times, but none of these things take away from his talents. That’s why I’m here to say that, despite it all, I still … Continue reading Kanye’s haters ‘can’t tell me nothing’

‘The Life of Pablo’ looks at West’s storied career

By: Kyle Daniels ~Guest Writer~ Taylor Swift is raging on the Grammy stage, West is claiming $53 million dollars of debt, and “The Life of Pablo” has been pirated over 500,000 times. Ye- politics aside, “The Life of Pablo” reminds us why this man is liked by so many, and seen as an artistic inspiration to others. The album brings in a number of outside artists; old favorites like Kid Cudi and new artists, Desiinger and fellow Chicago artist, Chance the Rapper. West takes this album in a new direction. It feels like a compendium of the lessons West has … Continue reading ‘The Life of Pablo’ looks at West’s storied career