West cries over mistake at Rent-A-Car

By: Henry Eden ~Wild West Cowboy~

Photo courtesy of youtube.com | Paparazzi captured West’s reaction after a Rent-A-Car manager handed him the keys to his new Kia Sorento. It’s not confirmed, but West may take Enterprise to court for emotional distress.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car middle manager Ralph Hartman was attending the desk at the time of the Kardashian’s arrival.

“At first, when I saw them walking up, I was pretty excited. My girlfriend really likes their show, and its actually fairly entertaining. The episodes where Khloe and the sisters have to deal with Lamar’s near-death experience were some of the best TV I’ve seen since ‘Lost’ went off the air,” Hartman said.

“But when I handed Kanye the keys to his Kia Sorento, he gave me a look that terrified every fiber of my being. I knew something was wrong.”

West reportedly reached over the counter and grabbed Hartman by his nametag.

“Are you telling me that you replaced my Hyundai Sonata with a goddamn Kia Sorento?” West said.

The rapper was extremely upset at the company’s mistake and proceeded to go on a tantrum that lasted anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes according to different reports.

“He just stood up on top of one of our mini-vans and started making strange comparisons between himself and differing people to prove how good he is at driving a car,” Hartman said of West’s rant.

“Eventually he wasn’t even making sense. At one point he referred to himself as the Calvin Klein of car rentals.”

West then began muttering under his breath about his plans to buy out the Enterprise franchise.

Photo courtesy of growingyourbaby.com | The Kardashian and West clan were spotted heading to Enterprise to pick up Kanye’s car in their best attire.

West locked himself in the bathroom inside the airport terminal, and was heard listening to his own 2008 album, “808’s and Heartbreak” through his iPhone speakers. A few minutes later, his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian, read a prepared statement to the media.

“The Hyundai Sonata provides an excellent fuel efficient and spacious alternative to other midsize sedans in our price range. I’m just trying to make the drive as comfortable as possible for my family,” Kardashian read off West’s tear-stained post-it note.

The family reportedly stayed at the store for more than two and a half hours.

“The worst part was that they kept breaking off into small groups and whispering things about me,” Hartman said. “Even the kids were getting involved. It was really hurtful.”

“If they don’t offer to pay the full price for our rental, I think I may have a heart attack,” matriarch Kris Jenner whispered secretly to 3-year-old North West.

When asked what he made of the situation, infant son Saint refused to comment and stood by his father, bursting into a teary outrage.