Something Rotten! is freshly frivolous

By Lucy Kramer, Staff Writer Something Rotten!, which opened last weekend, has the audience cracking up all night with its satirical social commentary, flashy over-the-top dance numbers and witty script, delivered all perfectly by its talented cast.  After producing the  absolutely heart-wrenching Rabbit Hole, Xavier Theatre has decided to take a complete tonal 180 with their second show of the 2022-23 season.  Something Rotten! follows the story of brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom (Matthew Callas and Anthony Contreras) who struggle to create the next big theatrical hit before their rival, heart-throb rock n’ roll sensation William Shakespeare (Ryan Whitford).  When … Continue reading Something Rotten! is freshly frivolous

Conspiracies rock the sports world

By Lucy Kramer, Newswire Intern What do Reddit threads, sports broadcasters and the Newswire office all have in common? They’re all abuzz talking about what was in chess player Hans Neimann’s butt.  There is no concrete evidence that Hans Neimann was using vibrating anal beads to communicate with members of the audience during a competition on Sept. 19.   Reddit users speculated that 19-year-old Hans Neimann could have been cheating through the use of sex toys during the St. Louis Sinquefield Cup putting an end to world chess champion Magnus Carlsen’s 53-game win streak. However, Neimann has admitted to cheating in … Continue reading Conspiracies rock the sports world