Take a look beyond your majority status

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Advertising Manager~ In my experience, the most intimidating challenge that people of minority status must overcome when they process their identities and learn different ways to express them is precisely that this formative process feels confined to them. Because they are a minority status identity, they have the challenge, almost the imposition, to simultaneously recognize, come to terms with and then express that minority identity in a way where society does not feel affronted by their very existence. I am a cis-male student who loves to read and write. I am German-Italian and therefore white. I study … Continue reading Take a look beyond your majority status

Advice: You should ‘Let it go’

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Staff Writer~ During the school year, there are mornings when I do not feel a sense of today. I feel a foreboding for tomorrow and an anxiety for the events of yesterday, but today is completely forgotten among those other worries. I wake up immediately flooded with the anxious feeling that I didn’t finish my work the night before. I have to catch up on yesterday’s tasks, which only results in an existential anxiety that I will never be completely caught up and that I will always be failing in at least one responsibility because of this … Continue reading Advice: You should ‘Let it go’

Xavier hosts religious thought experts

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Staff Writer~ The Xavier President’s Office, in collaboration with the Brueggemann Center for Dialogue, Bellarmine Parish, the Center for Mission and Identity, the theology department and various off-campus organizations, will the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate with a panel discussion on interfaith collaboration. The event, “Responsibility And Hope For A World In Conflict,” will commemorate the publication of the Catholic Church document “Nostra Aetate, Our Age,” a statement attempting to better the Church’s relations with non-Christian religions. Xavier will be the host to three experts in theological exploration — one Catholic, one Muslim and one Jewish. The … Continue reading Xavier hosts religious thought experts