Thank you to everyone that means anything

By: Jeff Ullery ~Copy Editor~ Jimmy Fallon has the right idea. College is a whirlwind. A series of nights staying up late doing homework, hours spent in the caf and memories made with people whom you will regard as your best friends. At times, it has all blurred together for me and left me breathless, either from exhaustion or awe. It’s kind of like when you listen to a favorite piece of music: you’re listening for the good parts, singing along and enjoying each moment until suddenly you realize it’s over and all you want to do is listen to it … Continue reading Thank you to everyone that means anything

XU mixes music and theology: A new sacred music major

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ In conjunction with the theology department, the music department has announced a sacred music major that combines the love of music with the love of theology. Since Cincinnati is one of only 13 U.S. cities to boast a professional ballet, opera, symphony and theater, this new major offers a critical resume builder to aspiring musicians, according to adjunct music director for voice and movement Scot Buzza. “Unlike other local universities such as Cincinnati Christian University (CCU), who offer unaccredited music degrees, this degree was designed to fill a demand that is directed more towards developing … Continue reading XU mixes music and theology: A new sacred music major

Faculty profile: Jan Corrothers

By: Liz Slocum ~Staff Writer~ The Xavier Music Department has hosted a number of vocal ensemble performances throughout each year as opportunites for performance for both singers and the audience receiving them. Most of the songs one hears require complex piano accompaniment. Jan Corrothers, an adjunct Xavier Music Department faculty member, does that and more. She serves as the accompanist for the Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Concert Choir and for individual student recitals. A dedicated and talented pianist, Corrothers is a valuable part of each rehearsal and performance for Xavier’s vocal ensembles and has helped many busy vocal students prepare … Continue reading Faculty profile: Jan Corrothers