Xavier’s tuition to rise for 2022-23

After a year of stagnation, costs to attend will increase by nearly 6% By Hunter Ellis, Chloe Salveson and Olivia Valkner, Staff Contributors After being approved by the Board of Trustees, newly-appointed Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Rachel Chrastil confirmed on Tuesday in a campus-wide email that tuition and other costs will rise in the coming academic year.  For full-time undergraduates, tuition will go from $21,115 to $22,385 per semester. This marks a 6.01% increase. There were no changes to Xavier’s tuition last year, in what Chrastil called a “diligent and intentional effort to not increase tuition across any … Continue reading Xavier’s tuition to rise for 2022-23

Student shows it pays to work out

Campus fitness instructor shares experience of helping students get healthy By olivia Valkner, Staff Writer As you finish your trek up to the Health United Building (HUB) and climb the stairs to the recreation center, you are greeted by the friendly faces of student workers, who help to keep the gym running like a well-oiled machine. Valerie Workman, a junior marketing major, offered some insight on being a student employee at the HUB. Workman began working in the HUB about a year ago as a group fitness instructor for TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) classes, a type of suspension training … Continue reading Student shows it pays to work out

Newswire staff’s music exploited

Staff writers take a dive into various Newswirians’ Spotify Wrapped 2021 By leighton Gammage and Olivia Valkner, Guest Writer and Staff Writer We found a way to infiltrate the Newswire staff’s individual Spotify Wrapped statistics, and nobody is safe from the criticism. That is, unless you’re an Apple Music user… but that’s embarrassing enough.  When left to deal with looming COVID-19 restrictions and the stress of college, the Newswire staff turned to some good — and some pretty terrible —  music. We decided, as empaths, that it is our responsibility to bring to light a hyper-analysis of our staff’s music … Continue reading Newswire staff’s music exploited