Pizza ATM on pause due to tech problems

WRITTEN BY: Waleed Majid, Staff wrtier Xavier’s famous Pizza ATM has been out of order since Jan. 26, and students have expressed mixed reactions about the malfunction.  Installed in the summer of 2016, the Pizza ATM is a “vending machine that dispenses fresh pizzas in three minutes,” according to the manufacturer’s website. It made national headlines when it was installed on Xavier’s campus, and the machine continues to be introduced at establishments across North America.  The past three weeks, the loss of the pizza vending machine has prompted conversations about the quality and quantity of the pizza it produces, but … Continue reading Pizza ATM on pause due to tech problems

Pizza ATM becomes camera shy

By: Kevin Thomas ~Slowly Dying and OK with that~ After spending a majority of the last six months in the spotlight, the Pizza ATM has become camera shy and will refuse and cower away from any interviews or media coverage. According to a statement from a spokesperson for the ATM, it just needs some time out of sight to relax. “The ATM has been very busy with interviews since getting installed,” Aubrey Walker, the Pizza ATM’s spokesperson, said in a statement to media outlets over the weekend. “It feels that it has been receiving a ridiculous amount of coverage in … Continue reading Pizza ATM becomes camera shy

Academics need to be valued in budget cuts

By: Luke Byerly ~Managing Editor~ When a University makes budget cuts, students and faculty expect to see new changes in a different area that justify the cuts in the first place. You expect to see newly renovated study spaces, more money for clubs to expand or a new sports center to replace the current, antique building. These alternative targets for funding seem to go along with Xavier’s mission statement, “to educate each student intellectually, morally, and spiritually.” However certain budget cuts have violated this mission statement in the past few years. The budget cuts made to the McDonald Library and … Continue reading Academics need to be valued in budget cuts