God does not win elections

Republican candidates scare off voters with appeals to religion A couple weeks ago, Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana and possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 (he has not yet announced, but there is much speculation), headlined a prayer rally in his home state entitled “The Answer,” at which he was quoted saying, “Our God wins.” As can be expected, this whipped up a media frenzy, and understandably so. This week, I depart from my usual concern of local politics to deliver a message to Mr. Jindal and the conservative religious factions who back him: your God does … Continue reading God does not win elections

The Super Bowl of Preaching

By: Jessica Griggs ~Guest Writer~ Across the United States, the Super Bowl typically draws more than 100 million viewers each year, and consequentially churches report their lowest numbers in attendance for the same day. Crossroads Community Church, a church with five campuses in Cincinnati, came up with a solution to the dismal attendance of churchgoers in what is called “The Super Bowl of Preaching.” This is the 13th annual event of its kind to take place. “The Super Bowl of Preaching” blends traditional religious preaching with comedy and competition in seven shows over the course of Super Bowl weekend. Crossroads … Continue reading The Super Bowl of Preaching

Francis not deviating from Church doctrine

Last week, I attempted to give some background and a little criticism regarding recent media commentary surrounding Pope Francis’s “political position.” This will be an issue for years to come, no doubt. It would be realistic to assume that academics will be attempting to define the political implications of Francis’s papacy for at least the next half-century. Regardless, we know one key and unchanging factor: Francis is neither a liberal nor a conservative. Both are misrepresentations of Catholic political thought. Now, however, let us turn to something that should not be so polemical: the issue of whether Francis or any … Continue reading Francis not deviating from Church doctrine