Arizona’s law and the free exercise of religion

This week, Arizona’s House of Representatives passed a bill stating that business owners, churches, corporations and other institutions have a right to refuse service or admittance based on an individual’s sexual orientation. According to supporters of the bill, its aim is to protect Arizona citizens’ freedom to abide by their religious beliefs. In order to legally deny service to a gay or lesbian patron, a person or organization must do so because of a genuine religious conviction that would be burdensome if ignored or contradicted. Under this bill, a “free exercise of religion” defense could be used in cases concerning … Continue reading Arizona’s law and the free exercise of religion

Graham & Ingber take trip to Israel

By: Tatum Hunter ~Staff Writer~ Over Winter Break, University President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. and Executive Director of the Center for Interfaith Community Engagement Rabbi Abie Ingber spent four days in Israel on a trip put together by the Jewish National Fund, an international organization dedicated to supporting and improving the nation of Israel through projects like planting trees and preserving historical sites. “At all our dinners, we were joined by people based in Israel who work for or with Jewish National Fund, and it was great to hear from them about their projects. More than anything, you came away … Continue reading Graham & Ingber take trip to Israel