French cities continue burkini ban

By: Sara Ringenbach ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~ The bathing suit counterpart to the burqa, the burkini, has received considerable pushback as Nice joins the growing list of cities in France that have instituted a ban on the swimwear. In total, 10 regions in France have implemented this ban at public beaches and pools, including Cannes, which cites a €38 ($43) fine for violators. The burkini is a full-body bathing suit with a hood designed to only expose the wearer’s face, hands and feet, similar to a wetsuit. Created in the early 2000’s by Lebanese-born Australian citizen Aheda Zanetti to observe … Continue reading French cities continue burkini ban

Xavier Theatre triples the dazzle with its shows

By: Tyler Ferrari ~Guest Writer~ The Xavier University theatre department took a big risk when they decided to experiment with repertory theater, with having three shows performed over two weeks. The undertaking is an amazing accomplishment for the department. Maya Farhat, Mac Blais and Eric Minion star as Emma, Jerry and Robert respectively in “Betrayal.” The trio put on perfect British accents throughout the show as they tell a tale of deceit, friendship and loves gained and lost. Bruce Cromer masterfully directs the show, effectively conveying the undertones of “Betrayal” through body language. A hilarious bit with Micah Price as … Continue reading Xavier Theatre triples the dazzle with its shows