Features: “Your Coffee Guide to Finals,” “D.A.K.” & Horoscopes – 4/24/19

Your Coffee Guide to Finals Stress Level: 0-4 Your Motivation is Fueled by: 1-2 group projects, 0-3 essays or reflections and 2 sudden emails about grades being updated on Canvas. Due Date: May 3, meaning you have plenty of time or are waiting until the last minute. Coffee of Choice: anything caramel or covered in … Continue reading Features: “Your Coffee Guide to Finals,” “D.A.K.” & Horoscopes – 4/24/19

Features: “Poem Battle” and Horoscopes – 4/10/19

Poem Battle For this week’s Features, two poets were shown this image and then asked to write a poem inspired by it. Who wrote it better? Tell us on our Xavier Newswire twitter: @xaviernewswire. Germinal At the genital quick of the earth, Fulcrum of the turning world, where The red tongue drives the hurtling Of … Continue reading Features: “Poem Battle” and Horoscopes – 4/10/19