A Review of 2015 Pop Culture

By: Emily Brennan ~Staff Writer~ We whipped. We “nae-naed.” We Netflix-ed but mostly chilled. We praised men for letting themselves go physically because now I guess we like the appearance of a 50-year-old dad body. Mass amounts of people called their ex’s at inappropriate hours of the evening thanks to Adele’s album, “25.” But really, thank you. Caitlyn Jenner was undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of the year in pop culture, advocating for the transgender community across the world and breaking the Internet with her Vanity Fair cover. Drake and Meek took over the Internet as well, firing saucy … Continue reading A Review of 2015 Pop Culture

“Star Wars”promises expanded additions.

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ It’s been a long, long time since the world has been treated to a new film in the “Star Wars” universe. Although there have been ways of getting a fix, such as the popular “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” series, video games and literature, these last nine years have felt like a summer in Mustafar all the same. Luckily, the wait is over and Lucasfilm is making its comeback in full force – pun intended – with an expansive movement of multimedia. First, fans are wondering what to expect from the new franchise. The studio … Continue reading “Star Wars”promises expanded additions.

Highlights of E3 Conference 2013-2014

By: Katelyn Summers This year’s E3 video game conference announced some of the most anticipated titles for the remainder of 2013-14. “Kingdom Hearts III” (Square Enix/Disney) After almost eight years of waiting, fans of “Kingdom Hearts” rejoiced with the announcement of the third installment of the story of Sora, Donald, Goofy and various other Disney characters. The “Kingdom Hearts” franchise is one of the most popular video game series, having over seven games that take place between “Kingdom Hearts I,” “Kingdom Hearts II” and finally, “Kingdom Hearts III.” The game will be a PlayStation 4 (PS4) exclusive and the release … Continue reading Highlights of E3 Conference 2013-2014