Business sluggish for U. Station retailers

By: Nick Bergeman ~Staff Writer~ Delayed development in the retail section of University Station continues to stall growth as the businesses suffer diminished traffic. After allowing students to move into the residential area in August 2014, the All-for-One store and Starbucks opened the following month, which are both operated by the company Follett. Others trickled in during the next year, and the space is now occupied by a Graeter’s Ice Cream, Gold Star Chili, Digital Doc, FroZenYo and Top This Donut Bar. Several properties still remain unoccupied in the retail section. The commercial space is leased through Ackermann Development, who … Continue reading Business sluggish for U. Station retailers

People, it is just a red cup

By: Aiyana Moore ~Staff Writer~ Starbucks’ holiday cups are one of the main reasons that patrons look forward to the Christmas season. The decorated cups remind consumers that the holiday season is quickly coming up. This year’s cups, however, have caused quite a stir with their minimalist, red design because some people feel they do not recognize Christmas as a Christian holiday. I feel as if I need a disclaimer – I live in an ideal world where people can say, “Merry Christmas,” without backlash from everyone about their religion. However, my world also allows people to say, “Happy Holidays,” … Continue reading People, it is just a red cup

Letter to the Editor: the joy of “The Crucible”

There were no trees, no lights, no tinsel, no carolers, sleigh bells, angels or turkey dinners. No cards were exchanged. No midnight masses or last minute shopping trips. But it was Christmas, make no mistake. My intention is not to slander Christmas, even though secular society has done much to malign the true meaning of the glorious miracle we celebrate each December. Rather, my intention is to tell you about my October Christmas. It occurred this past weekend, on Oct. 25, 2013. It was neither holy nor miraculous. Well, it might have been a little miraculous. Do you remember the … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: the joy of “The Crucible”