‘90s sitcoms still seem to resonate

A few weeks ago, I did a review on some of the most classic “Disney Channel” sitcoms. While that was a fun tribute to many of our childhoods, I failed to review some of my favorite shows of all time. You know the shows that would come on after “Disney Channel” hours were over, or “Nickelodeon” turned into “Nick at Night?” Yeah, those shows.  90’s sitcoms are timeless. I always felt somewhat rebellious as a kid when I was up so late at night that George Lopez was jumping across my screen. So, while we’ve been gifted an abundance of … Continue reading ‘90s sitcoms still seem to resonate

Disney sitcoms offer nostalgic lens

With limited options on how to procrastinate during quarantine, I often find myself turning to Disney+. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and my regular shows, but I might as well use this time to delve into childhood memories and simpler times. So, Disney+ has become my go to for binging TV series.  Let’s be honest, anything after 2010 is irrelevant. Disney sitcoms were at their prime when Gen Z was watching them. So, I’m going to review a few classic Disney sitcoms to binge during quarantine and maybe even bring back a forgotten memory.  1. “Lizzie McGuire” “Lizzie … Continue reading Disney sitcoms offer nostalgic lens