EncantNO: The latest Miranda flop

By Trevor Tiemeyer, Staff Writer Welcome to the next mainstream animated work by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Unfortunately, Miranda was unable to convince Disney to let him voice a character, let alone have a cameo. As someone who really enjoys Miranda’s work, I was excited for Encanto, but I cannot help but feel let down. The music was composed well; however, the storyline and value of the songs are not fulfilling.  My biggest problem with the movie is the plot. I understand that not all movies need to follow the hero’s journey, but Encanto strays a little too far.  The climax and … Continue reading EncantNO: The latest Miranda flop

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Bas-Squid-Ball Game By Trevor Tiemeyer, Staff Writer Being a rookie in the NBA, it is rather difficult to make your mark and get sponsorships. Well, not anymore — thanks to a new hit series brought to you by Under Armour. I present to you: the BaSQUIDball Games. This week-long competition will feature five death-defying games, where the final winner will receive a full sponsorship and be the new spokesperson for Under Armour. The games will feature contestants including Chris Duarte, Jonathan Kuminga, Josh Giddey and any other rookies who were too boring to get a sponsorship. Contestants will be selected … Continue reading Back Page 11/4/21