News in Brief

By: Meredith Francis ~Campus News Editor~ Blizzard hits Northeastern United States Parts of New England are buried under snow after a large blizzard hit the region on Jan. 26. Though New York and New Jersey were not impacted as much as forecasts predicted, certain states were still hit hard. The National Weather Services reported that Massachusetts had received up to 30 inches of snow, while 16 inches fell in Maine and 21 inches fell in New Hampshire. Parts of Massachusetts are also flooded, while many in the region have lost power. ISIS releases video with Japanese, Jordanian hostages The group known as ISIS released a video on … Continue reading News in Brief

The path to spring through the eyes of a college student in the midwest

By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~ The weather has been teasing the Xavier Community for the past few weeks. Spring is tricky, and as long as these weather patterns persist, we can easily determine that Mother Nature doesn’t care about us and will keep switching the weather up for the remainder of the month. Phase 1 Just to add to the growing disappointment, there comes a week of temperatures ranging from something comfortable for artic penguins to zero. The students walking around campus don’t even look like people. They look like blobs from all of their layers and hunching over to … Continue reading The path to spring through the eyes of a college student in the midwest