Student discovers CLC, rest of campus

By: Luke Byerly ~He definitely wrote this drunk~ Xavier Police got a workout Friday afternoon when the force was called to detain a student who was reportedly ranting and raving all over campus. Officers were forced to chase senior Danielle McNally across campus after she wandered out of Smith Hall for the first time to test whether her fellow business students’ rumors of “the rest of campus” were true or not. In the spirit of expanding her professional network, McNally stepped out of the building for the first time in her four years at Xavier. At first she looked at … Continue reading Student discovers CLC, rest of campus

XUPD to host b-ball tourney

By: Jessica Griggs ~Campus News Editor~ As tensions between police and people of color across the nation remain a divisive issue, Xavier Police, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), the Black Student Association (BSA) and Rec Sports have partnered for an event in hopes of fostering positive relationships between students and police. Eight teams made up of law enforcement, students, staff and faculty will go head-to-head in a basketball tournament 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on April 17 at the outdoor basketball courts. Four of the teams will consist of Xavier Police, Cincinnati Police, Norwood Police and Norwood Fire and … Continue reading XUPD to host b-ball tourney

Everyday hero: XUPD profiles

By: Grant Vance ~Punk Bitch~ Xavier Police officer Rodney McClane was held to high esteem last Thursday for a prestigious medal of honor. After ten years on the force he was finally recognized for his work distributing upwards of 180 parking tickets per week to students, keeping campus parking lots safe. “It’s all about defending the honor of parking services for me,” McClane said next to his squad car, parked horizontally facing Currito. “I’m no hero, but I certainly sleep better knowing vacant parking spots are left that way.” McClane works night and day to ensure no parking spot is left … Continue reading Everyday hero: XUPD profiles