Staff editorial: basketball 101

The Newswire has, unfortunately, addressed this topic before. And only two years ago, to boot. Apparently, women know nothing about sports. Or, in a much more likely scenario, Xavier athletics know nothing about women, taking into account the fact that most women know at least something about sports. We took a poll in the office. Of our editors who happen to be women, all of them have been graced with more experience in sports than at least three of our male editors. We were almost surprised. Yes, we know, Xavier Basketball 101 for Women is for genteel housewives, not us … Continue reading Staff editorial: basketball 101

Xavier Music Series triumphs with Judicaël Perroy

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~ Xavier welcomed internationally- renowned classical guitarist Judicaël Perroy as part of the Music Department’s Music Series. The concert was held on Jan. 25 to an ecstatic audience. Perroy was born in Paris in 1973. He began his guitar career at age 7, after being recognized as a prodigy, and has received great acclaim ever since. He both plays guitar and teaches. Perroy currently resides in Paris, where he teaches classical guitar as a professor at a number of institutions, tours and performs concerts around the world. His two-hour performance on Jan. 25, which took place at the Gallagher Student Center Theatre, featured brilliant executions of seven songs. He began with Luigi Legnani’s “Fantasia op. 19,” … Continue reading Xavier Music Series triumphs with Judicaël Perroy

“Le Chat Noir”

By: Aiyana Moore ~Staff Writer~ “Le Chat Noir,” 19th Century Paris’ first cabaret house, is making a comeback this February with Xavier Players’ own version of the show. “We called it ‘Le Chat Noir’ because it was, in France, a coffee house,” the musical director, Laura DeBrunner, said. “We’re doing something like that: sophisticated, but also simple.” The Xavier Players’ version of “Le Chat Noir” will feature the coffee house feel of the original show with performances by the Players cast, food and even a little karaoke. “It’s really just a chance for musical theater lovers to come together and enjoy each other’s company and eat some snacks,” Ellen Godbey, the show’s producer, said in an email. “Le Chat … Continue reading “Le Chat Noir”