“Elysium” falls short

By: Grant Vance

With a movie like “Elysium,” it’s hard to distinguish between a good film and a bad film.

On one hand, you have a visually stunning, well-crafted sci-fi flick; on the other, it’s an uneven story scattered with plot-holes.

The thing to love about “Elysium” is its cinematography. The beautiful landscapes and inventive weaponry make the film worth watching.

The creativity, originality and heart director/writer Neill Blomkamp puts into his films is magnificent.

The negative aspect of “Elysium” is becoming somewhat of a common trend in modern sci-fi, the aspect of illogical plot points.

Several moments in the film confuse the audience, questioning the film’s universal credibility, distracting and losing the audience’s interest.

It is hard to truly appreciate the film when you’re questioning character motives and the characteristics of “Elysium’s” universe due to lack of exposition.

The performances are all commendable.

Matt Damon plays a hopeful and witty Max, and Damon rarely disappoints.

Jodie Foster’s Delacourt is extremely cold; however, she does play the shallow-stern-militaryleader role quite well.

The best performance comes from Sharito Copley. Copley’s Kruger is incredibly ruthless, fun to watch and steals the show as an admirable antagonist.

“Elysium” is certainly worth a watch; however, prepare to be skeptical of an earth with an exaggerated, prissy, aristocratic residence floating above it.

Hopefully Blomkamp will work out the kinks by the time he finishes his next film, “Chappie.”


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